Interview with Joseph Beuys by Lynn MacRitchie

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In celebration of the launch of Performance Magazine Online at the British Library on 27 April 2017, LADA is pleased to offer a selection of articles from Performance Magazine.
Continuing with: Interview with Joseph Beuys by Lynn MacRitchie

Issue 25, Aug/Sept 1983

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In 1983 Joseph Beuys came to London for his major retrospective at the Victoria and Albert Museum as well as giving a host of lectures across Britain. For issue 25 of Performance Magazine Lynn MacRitchie and Beuys discuss Thatcher’s use of language, the necessity of a new social order and the difference between the art of the past and ‘anthropological art’.

This article has been reproduced as part of Performance Magazine Online.


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Rob La Frenais (founding editor of Performance Magazine, 1979–1987) has collaborated with the Live Art Development Agency to develop the Performance Magazine Online project. All sixty-six issues of Performance Magazine have been digitised and are accessible to freely search, browse and read. A new film by Hugo Glendinning and Alex Eisenberg maps the magazine’s history and legacy. Commissioned features (released May - July 2017) by Anne Bean, Hester Reeve, Lynn MacRitchie, Claire MacDonald and Nahum Mantra respond to the archive and the period when the magazine was published.

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Date Posted: 21 April 2017