LADA Study Boxes at Tempting Failure

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Tempting Failure
The Birdcage
28 Clare Street
Mon 3rd and Tues 4th November: 12 - 2pm & 4 - 5pm
Wed 5th and Thurs 6th November: 12 - 2pm & 4 - 6pm
Fri 7th and Sat 8th November: 3 - 5pm


A hand picked selection of materials from LADA’s Study Room will be available to view throughout the Tempting Failure festival.

The Study Boxes will reflect the work of a range of artists and represent a diversity of issues that are central to Tempting Failure. Each Box contains between 3 and 6 items and can be used for a quick browse or a day-long study.

Tempting Failure will bring a programme of performance, workshops, talks and more throughout the City of Bristol, before concluding in an immersive paid two-night event at The Island. It is a programme, which through an ethos of Legacy, Network & Education, engages with all types of work in order to broaden the horizons of what live art, performance art & noise art can be. A supportive initiative, it uniquely facilitates artists from all stages of their careers to respond to & challenge the liminal boundaries of risk, transgression and failure.

Tickets are now on sale for the last two nights of Tempting Failure 2014 at The Island. priced: £15 - £30 
Study Boxes were developed for the SPILL Festival of Performance in Ipswich in 2012. 

Date Posted: 12 October 2014