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"For years I’ve been claiming that if you want to know what the mainstream will be up to in 10 years’ time, just look at what Live Art is doing now."

LADA Director Lois Keidan writes for the Guardian on the impact of Live Art

The article is timed to coincide with LADA's Just Like a Woman programmes in New York City and London: 

Just Like A Woman: NY Edition, Abrons Arts Center, New York from 23 October to 25 October 2015 

Just Like A Woman: London Edition, Chelsea Theatre, London from 13 November to 14 November 2015. 

Two programmes of lectures, shows, readings, installations, screenings, workshops and debates on the ways femininity can be 'performed' and representations of gender can be queered through performance.

Each programme features a dazzling array of US and UK artists, including Lois Weaver, Narcissister, George Chakravarthi, Dickie Beau, Lucy Hutson, Harold Offeh, The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein and Laura Bridgeman and The Drakes plus many more

Date Posted: 23 October 2015