DIY 14: 2017 - Madeleine Hodge & Rebecca Conroy: Marrickville School of Economics - Summer School

Fuck your extraction economy 


Project summary

Calling all part time radical economists and feminist ninjas. This so-called economy has a big measuring stick that it likes to wave in your face, however in many ways economic “theory” is an unsophisticated word for making shit up. And, like any bad pulp fiction it’s been on the top sellers list for an eternity, and for all the wrong reasons. But more recently the fictional manoeuvers of finance capitalism have reached epic heights, whilst also managing to penetrate deeper and deeper into our bodies. This DIY will ask how can we as art workers intervene in the everyday grammar of finance at a biopolitical level and transfigure/pervert the flow of these languages through mimesis and a trojan strategy of occupation. We will ask how can we radically recompose the body’s response-abillty to the materiality of financialisation, using language tactics and humour to expose the gaps and contradictions of finance’s banal and ridiculous propositions. The syllabus will connect economic strategies to the enslavement that underpins them so we will emerge with a vigorous fury ready to institute new ways of working.

The Marrickville School of Economics is a creative accounting experiment and artist-led curriculum for studying and developing new ways to do economy.

How to apply

Applications are invited via the link below. You will be asked to give details of the tools you bring to the fight, and the tools you wish to develop in order to (further) pervert the dominant logic of finance capitalism.


Dates, times and location

Dates: 3-6 Aug 2017 (with optional return visit 22-23 Sept)
Location: Folkestone

The artists

Rebecca Conroy works across site, community engagement, and performative interventions through artist led activity. She has previously worked in the role of Festival Director (Gang Festival), Associate Director (Performance Space); Provocateur (Splendid Arts Lab & Artist Wants a Life) and has been the co-founder and co-director of two artist run spaces in Sydney, The Wedding Circle and Bill+George. From 2011 – 2014 she was conductor of The Yurt Empire, a rogue housing project and encounter in the inner city of Sydney. Recently she developed a project involving radical archiving with a network of artist run libraries, and built a bike-book-machine. She is currently devising plans for an alternative economy in the shape of A Very Beautiful Laundromat for 2018. She is also the conductor of The Drip Feed an online curated platform of critical nutrition for the small to medium arts sector, and in 2015 spent 3 months going on a series of dates with economists in Europe and North America, for an audio piece called Dating an Economist commissioned by Radio National (2016). In November 2017 she will premiere her new work Iron Lady, a performance encounter—part espionage, part invisible labour, set in the finance district.

Madeleine Hodge is an artist and producer whose work spans diverse collaborations in art, activism and public space. She is currently project manager for The Ash Project in the Kent Downs and researcher and producer for Common Ground’s Woodland Residencies. As an artist she worked with Panther for 8 years and produced works in residencies, festivals and venues across Europe, Asia and Australia, including; CCA Glasgow, ANTI Festival, Kuopio, PACT Zollverein, Essen, South Project, Jogjakarta. Madeleine is co-founder of the research team In Common, which began as part of a long term project with Connexions Improbables in Bilbao, Spain. She is currently undertaking a MRes in Curatorial / Knowledge at Goldsmith’s, and her research revolves around rethinking approaches to temporality, economies and the toxic sovereignties of colonisation. She is a founding member of Field Theory and a band member of Mimic Mass a multi vocal sound art experiment for voice and technology. She is also a distance member of MSE and has invited Bek to collaborate for the DIY.

If you have questions about this project, please contact Madeleine.

This DIY is supported by Folkestone Fringe.

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