DIY 15: 2018 - Call for Participants

DIY 15 is an opportunity for artists working in Live Art to take part in unusual training and professional development projects conceived and run by artists for artists.

'I’m so grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to participate in DIY Help The Aged, to meet a delightful band of retrobates and to enjoy some shared fun whilst considering some extremely serious issues' - Participant in Giovanna Maria Casetta & Helena Vortex's Help The Aged, DIY 14.

'Fantastic few days in Folkestone reimagining the economy in the shape of a uterus, reading, thinking, working hard, singing money based karaoke and squeezing in two amazing sea swims!' - Clare Qualmann, participant in Madeleine Hodge & Rebecca Conroy's Marricksville School of Economics, DIY 14.

23 DIY projects for both emergent and experienced practitioners will take place across the UK between July and November. Together, these opportunities represent a huge variety of subjects and approaches, including (but not limited to) a-typical perceptions, ‘kidnapping privilege', virtual reality, ancestral constellations, cruising (for female identified people), family collaboration, sleeping, binge-watching, ugly singing, and a politicised Ann Summers party for womxn of colour.

The DIY lead artists self determine and run their own projects, which includes defining the participants’ application and selection process. If you have any questions about a DIY project, please follow the contact link at the bottom of each DIY project page.

The closing date for most applications is 18 June 2018 (for Project O's DIY it is 11 June). EXTENDED DEADLINE 2 July 2018 for five projects.

You may apply to as many as you wish, all DIY projects are free to participate in and some expenses may be covered where possible.

More about DIY 15 and our range of national partners
Documentation from DIY 14

Applications now closed for the following projects

Ana de Matos & Ria Hartley

Exploring possibilities of presence, sense and sound in VR performance 


Ania Bas with Sally O’Reilly and Kit Caless

Explore the performative potential of co-produced text in the context of a new town 

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Brian Lobel, FK Alexander, Season Butler

Exploring television, Live Art, and the relationship between binge watching and durational/endurance performance 

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Documentation Action Research Collective (DARC)

Blurring the lines between live performance and documentation

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Hamish MacPherson

We will transform ourselves into an interconnected cyborg entity

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Helena Hunter

A residential for artists working with environments, organisms and geologies

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Joanne Matthews

An intensive countryside retreat, reading theory and philosophy for those who are scared to do so, channeling punk, rave energies and radical sensitivity

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Joshua Sofaer

Artists are invited to consider what it might mean to work together with a non-artist family member 

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Katherine Araniello and Teresa Albor

An exercise in the possibilities of not planning. Not having a plan is our de facto plan 

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Katie Etheridge & Simon Persighetti

Weekender for regional artists to connect, exchange, celebrate and create a Live Art Twinning Ceremony!

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Liz Rosenfeld

Queering cruising space for female identified people

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Giving form and function to the dance party

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Mary Paterson & Deborah Pearson

Invent a pseudonym, see what happens...

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Moi Tran

Sleep is not an empty act

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Nando Messias

Dali, Selfies, Freud: a self-reflective workshop on the play of narcissism in creativity 

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Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari

How to make an effective working political theme park for babies and early years 

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Nwando Ebizie

Exploring neuro-mythology, Haitian Vodou dance practice, atypical perception, sensory deprivation and immersion for neurodiverse artists of colour

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Owen G Parry & Angel Rose

A hangout for ‘haters’, anti-fans and the uninitiated

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Project O

Untangling knots so that they can extend into action
(Applications for this DIY are now closed)

> More


Rhiannon Armstrong & Rachel Mars

Ugly Singing: “Ugh, that sounds weird: do it more!” 

> More


Ria Hartley, Barby Asante & Sonya Welch-Moring

Memory, archives and family histories with Ancestral Constellations

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Black study, being in space and black bodies navigating space

Toni Lewis

A pleasure party experience by Black Womxn, for Black Womxn; healing our hearts and souls, through our vaginas 

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Part of DIY 15: 2018 - Call for Participants