DIY15: 2018 - Documentation

DIY is LADA's annual scheme offering professional development opportunities BY artists, FOR artists.

Between June and November, DIY15: 2018 offered artists the opportunity to conceive and run unique, radical and idiosyncratic projects with the support of 23 national partners across the length and breadth of the UK, from Scotland to Plymouth, Cardiff to Suffolk. In 2018 there were 23 workshops, run by 40 lead artists, with over 200 participants.

Just some of DIY15’s highlights include a totally unplanned weekend at the Southbank Centre, digger racing in Kent, Haitian Voodoo in Brighton, nude hiking, raving through the Welsh countryside and Iron-mongering in Scotland. DIY15: 2018 hosted some of our most ambitious, diverse and transformative projects to date, here we present selected feedback, images and video documentation.

Full details of all DIY15 projects

Documentation Action Research Collective (DARC): Transformance


Nigel Barrett & Louise Mari: Tiny Revolutions 


Sorryyoufeeluncomfortable: Black Drift Writing



Katherine Araniello & Teresa Albor: How the Fuck..?


Hamish McPherson: We Robot


Feedback from lead and participating artists

“Please keep running DIY, it is essential that artists get this kind of time and space outside usual contexts to share and make work together. It is a rare and original program, we need these spaces to keep breathing!” – Helena Hunter (lead artist: Encounters)

"I can’t quite describe how profound this experience was." – Nwando Ebizi (lead artist: Afro Diasporic Ritual as Afrofuturist Technology)

"I’m left with a feeling of huge pride and fortune to have gone through such a transformation both performatively and within my relationship with my mum.” - Participant (Joshua Sofear: Artists and their Families)

“We really appreciate the safe space we were given to invite other artists to engage with some of our personal experiments and to open up conversations and find ways to develop these” - DARC (lead aritsts: Transformance)

“I will remember most the feeling of being completely in the moment naked swimming in a cold waterfall plunge pool with a group of inspirational women. I will also remember ritualistically dancing with one woman saying “I feel like I am in a magical dream”. I learned that it is powerful to show vulnerability as a facilitator and to put trust in the group.” – Joanne Matthews (lead artist: Wild Philosophy: Raving, Running, Reading)

“ I've never been in such a caring space with so many artists of colour in my life, thanks to the facilitators Barby and Ria for enabling this and Sonya for her commitment to this work. I've definitely made solid connections that I look forward to strengthening” - Participant (Ria Hartley, Barby Asante & Sonya Welch-Moring: The Body is the Place. Memories are the Map)