Ongoing Opportunity

The Agency works in partnership with artists and organisations in the UK and internationally on the hosting and facilitation of residency programmes, including research-based Study Room residencies. The aims of the residencies are to encourage different ways of thinking about and approaching issues of artistic and professional development, dialogue and exchange, and research.

Recent Residencies Include

Legacy: Thinker In Residence in collaboration with Tate Research.

Legacy is a one off initiative which provided the influential artists Anne Bean and Tim Etchells with the opportunity to undertake in-depth research periods at Tate and the Agency addressing the legacies of performance in art historical contexts, examining the processes and challenges of archiving live work, and looking at their own performance practice in relation to these. From this, they translated their findings into the creation of their own legacies. Link to Legacy

Falafel Road Residency with Oreet Ashery and Larissa Sansour. 

Complementing Ashery and Sansour’s publication Nonel and Vovel which raised questions about Palestinian/Israeli cultural collaborations, the two artists undertook a series of live events, public discussions, meals, exhibitions and residencies in London in February 2010 in collaboration with the Agency, Artsadmin, Iniva at Rivington Place, and the Serpentine Gallery. The residency explored manifestations of the falafel as a Diasporic food that has been assimilated into London’s rich food culture, and as a well contested national symbol in the Near East, and included the pair hosting twenty publicly engaged meals at falafel eateries across London where members of the public and specially invited guests will join them every day for a ‘falafel experience’.

Writer in Residence

The Agency invited Mary Paterson to be Writer in Residence between 2009 and 2010. Using Unbound, the online shop, as a tool and a provocation, she explored the relationship between Live Art and its audiences, documentation and representations. The residency resulted in the text A Navigation Through Unbound which draws on the resources available on Unbound, and comments collected from site visitors through an online user survey in June 2009.


The Agency collaborated with with Artrole from 2007 to 2009  to contribute to dialogues and cultural and artistic exchanges between the UK and Kurdistan-Iraq. In 2007 the Agency hosted a discussion with artists, curators and academics from the region, and in 2008 the Agency collaborated with Artsdamin to host a residency programme for the artist Reben Majeed.

Thinkers In Residence. 

Between 2004 and 2006 the Agency hosted a residency scheme in which we invited artists to work with us to address a specific issue.The Residencies generated a rnage of outcomes and helped us to creatively consider aspects of our work and find new ways of approaching identified challenges.

Thinkers in Residence were:

Barby Asante

Maxx Shurley

Adrien Sina

Manuel Vason