Thinkers In Residence: Maxx Shurley, 2004/2005

As Thinker in Residence Maxx Shurley is working with the Live Art Development Agency to stimulate debate around the meanings of the terms 'Live Art' and 'Cultural Diversity' and researching new curatorial strategies to represent and reflect these issues.

As part of his Thinker in Residence programme, Maxx developed the concept of a project based on Speed Dating which was piloted with a small group of artists in July 2005.

Read his papers The Maxx Experience! and Maxx on Speed Dating! and let him know what you think.

Maxx Shurley is an artist's pseudonym. Under this pseudonym Maxx has been looking at contemporary performance practices and issues of representation.  Using a pseudonym has given the artist the opportunity to voice curatorial issues that they are otherwise unable to as an artist. The pseudonym also protects their identity as an artist.

Part of Thinkers In Residence: Maxx Shurley, 2004/2005