20 x 20: Artists reflect on 20 years of Live Art, Resonance radio series

Artists reflect on 20 years of Live Art is a new radio series for Resonance FM, taking place across LADA’s 20th anniversary year.

Each programme will involve two artists in dialogue – an ‘older’ artist looking back at key Live Art moments, movements, artists and events of last 20 years, and a ‘younger’ artist looking forward to the next 20 years.

#1 - Claire MacDonald and Noa Carvajal - on Community 

Broadcast 8pm - 9pm, Tuesday 2 April 2019: 

#2 - Nando Messias and Hester Chillingworth - on Gender 

Broadcast 8pm - 9pm, Tuesday 7 May 2019: 

#3 - Nigel Rolfe and Martin O'Brien - on Body 

Broadcast 8pm - 9pm, Tuesday 4 June 2019: 

#4 - Jane Trowell and Rosamund Zipporah - On Activism

Broadcast 8pm - 9pm, Tuesday 2J July 2019:

#5 - David A Bailey and Jade Montserrat - On Race


#6 - Joshua Sofaer and Tania El Khoury - On Partcipation

#7 - Neil Bartlett and Travis Alabanza - On Queer

Further details on the Resonance website


In 2019, LADA is marking its 20th Anniversary and we are celebrating with a series of initiatives throughout the year including a publication, Agency, A Partial History of Live Art (edited by Theron Schmidt and co-published with Intellect Books); a series of 20 limited edition artworks Tiny Live Art (Development Agency) by Robert Daniels, both of which will be launched with an event on 6 March; a box set of 20 postcards representing key LADA projects and initiatives; and a series of free events here at our home at The Garrett Centre – Live Art on the page, the stage and the screen.