LADA and Swiss Live Art

LADA is working with Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Arts Council on a three-year initiative (2018-20) to raise the profile of Swiss Live Art in the UK and contribute to the development of exchanges and collaborations between artists and promoters in the UK and Switzerland.

LADA’s plans include –

  • The co-ordination of a research trip to Switzerland by twelve members of the Live Art UK network in April 2019 to see work and meet with artists and presenters to gain a better understanding of the Swiss Live Art scene and developfuture presentations and commissions of work in the UK. We are delighted to have collaborated with L’Abri in Geneva and Gessnerallee in Zurich on hosting these gatherings of artists and presenters.
  • The acquisition of documentation, publications and other materials by Swiss artists to create a LADA Study Room Guide on Swiss Live Art to be published in 2020.
  • A collaboration with Fierce Festival on contextualising programmes of talks and events relating to the work of key Swiss artists – add link to the new On Swiss Live Art page
  • Hosting four artist research residencies in LADA’s Study Room in 2019 and 2020.

The first two Study Room residencies are being undertaken by the Zurich based artist Ivy Monteiro in July 2019, and by the Basel based Performance artist, curator, networker. and member of PANCH (Performance Art Network CH) Andrea Saemann in October 2019.

Ivy used their residency to deepen their research into concepts such as ancestrality, prostitution, race, metaphysical connections whilst also engaging with artists in the UK.

Read Ivy's public presentation about their work and ideas of queer spirituality and Afrofuturism, which was hosted at LADA in July 2019.

Andrea will use her residency to look at questions of documentation and archives and the relation of contemporary performance artists with their remnants or artworks outside of the live moment itself.


In my own performance art work, the central focus lies on language, especially the spoken word. Stories and their relation to the written history, voice in relation to thinking, words in body and space. As a performance artist, I am intrigued by ways of dealing with documentation of performance art, of collaborating with photographers and filmmakers. I would like to find out more, about the relation of contemporary performance artists with their remnants or artworks outside of the live moment itself. I am in the middle of researching about this relation of live art with its non-live (p)art. Is it woven into each other? Is it treated as separate entities? How does it feedback on each other? What kind of personal relations are behind it? What kind of memories want to be shaped? These question drive me to investigate about performance photography, interview artists and photographers and find out about the parameters of their decision-making in that transitory field of fixing fluidity. 

Andrea Saemann, September 2019


Andrea will also contribute to public events about the current Swiss Live Art scene/s taking place at LADA on 8 October and at Fierce Festival, Birmingham on 19 October.

All the artists who will undertake research residencies will write blogs about their work and research. Please look out for these, for the announcement of calls for proposals for the next two research residencies by Swiss artists, and for details of other initiatives around Swiss Live Art.