Tenth Anniversary Short Films - Blast Theory

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So, err... by Blast Theory 

Notes by Blast Theory:

The recording you hear is of a phone call made in September 2009 as part of You Get Me, a mixed reality game commissioned by the Royal Opera House. Jack is talking to a player of the game about his future. The video is of a rain storm on the motorway between Taichung and Taipei.


The Live Art Development Agency is unique. It is intimate, relaxed, open and warm. It is rigorous, critical and focused. It is enmeshed with artistic practice and takes care of the minutiae. And it looks outwards and upwards, creating new platforms and promoting live art to the widest audiences.

For us, it has the best combination of the curatorial (discerning, knowledgeable, interrogative) and the helpline (available, supportive). the Live Art Development Agency places our work within a meaningful context and illuminates it as result.

Ju Row Farr received a One to One bursary allowing her vital time away from her collaborative practice to reflect and re-establish her own aesthetic. And Ju and Matt Adams curated a video series for Live Culture at Tate Modern.

Blast Theory's practice has woven in and out of live art trajectories. Sometimes it has seemed to diverge, for example, when we first started making games and working online. At other times performativity has been to the fore, as in Ulrike And Eamon Compliant this year. Always, however, our relationship with the Live Art Development Agency has been continuous and productive. Never more so, than through Daniel Brine who sat on our board for nearly a decade and was a wise, loyal and insightful guide throughout that time.


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