Tenth Anniversary Short Films - Stacey Makishi

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How and why I make art in 60 seconds by Stacy Makishi

Film Description:

This film shows Stacy Makishi trying to explain her motivations for making art against the clock, complete with animation and subtitles.


Hawaii-born Stacy Makishi works in a variety of media including live art, site-specific installations, film and physical theatre. Her works are known for their amusing investigations of identity, sexuality and politics.

Her work is often about absence, displacement and memory from the point of view of the foreigner. The foreigner confronts us with our own strangeness and our own foreignness. Within her work there appears to be a tension that exists in the place in between: between here and elsewhere; between the abject and sublime; between desire and repulsion.

Whether she takes on a horror film, fashion show or psychic intervention, her work is often infused with a surreal humor.

Stacy has performed internationally at such venues as the Royal Albert Hall, Tate Modern, Walker Center, Minneapolis and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.


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