GraceGraceGrace explore gen-age


ISBN: 978-1-9164243-3-3

Live Art Development Agency and GraceGraceGrace, 2019. 

297 × 210 mm, 104 pages, colour, hardback.

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GraceGraceGrace explore gen-age reframes Live Art practice, adopting the handy neologism gen-age, to describe the intersection of gender and age.

Ever thought middle-aged ‘women’ are invisible? This book asks you to think again. It discusses the strategies of visibility, chucking marginalised status out of the patriarchal pushchair.

Produced by artists’ collective GraceGraceGrace, who identify as older, this anthology cites work by people who perform rebellious gen-age identities and includes a series of striking images of older artists in collaboration with photographer Manuel Vason commissioned by GraceGraceGrace.

A sourcebook for everyone who is interested in equality, inclusion and gender identity, in the context of aging as a process.

To quote the last line of GraceGraceGrace’s manifesto: ... AND WE DEMAND our rightful place in the aesthetic values of our culture, securing and ensuring the recognition that we are exquisite, beguiling and learned, for ourselves, for each other, and for all to see.

The book will be launched with an event at LADA on Thursday 28 March at 7pm and can be purchased through Unbound and in selected book shops.

The book and launch event are part of an ongoing partnership between GraceGraceGrace and LADA, in support of explorations of gender and aging. Next up will be a gen-age evening with Mexican, feminist guest artist Monica Mayer on 3 May - save the date.