Tiny Live Art (Development Agency) - 20 works for 20 years

For LADA’s 20th anniversary, Robert Daniels has created the special edition Tiny Live Art (Development Agency) - 20 works for 20 years: 20 miniature sculptures of seminal performance works, which were nominated by artists and curators.

Part re-enactment, part archive, part hobby, Tiny Live Art embraces and embodies theories and practices of performance documentation, re-enactment and the making and sharing of memory, and draws from aspects of street art, installation and hobbyist pursuits like model railway and airfix kit building.

Featured works:

  • Marina Abramović, 7 Easy Pieces, reperforming Gina Pane's, The Conditioning, first action of Self-portrait(s) (1973)
  • Franko B, I Miss You!
  • Kira O’Reilly, Stair Falling
  • Ron Athey, Self Obliteration
  • La Ribot, Another Bloody Mary
  • Martin O’Brien, It’s Good To Breath In (This Venice Air)
  • Lone Twin, Totem
  • Bobby Baker, Drawing On A Mother’s Experience
  • Oreet Ashery, Hairoism
  • Selina Thompson, Pat It and Prick It and Mark It with ‘B’
  • Tania El Khoury, Gardens Speak
  • Harold Offeh, Covers
  • Aaron Williamson, Artist Leaps On To The Gallery Wall
  • Station House Opera, The Bastille Dances
  • Guillermo Gómez-Peña & Coco Fusco, The Couple In The Cage
  • Pytor Pavlensky, Fixation
  • Chris Burden, Shoot
  • Joseph Beuys, I like America and America Likes Me
  • Yoko Ono, Cut Piece
  • William Pope.L, The Great White Way

Tiny Live Art (Development Agency) will be launched at the event on 6 March

In 2019, LADA is marking its 20th Anniversary and we are celebrating with a series of initiatives throughout the year including a publication, Agency, A Partial History of Live Art (edited by Theron Schmidt and co-published with Intellect Books), which will be launched with an event on 6 March; a radio series on Live Art histories and futures for Resonance FM; a box set of 20 postcards representing key LADA projects and initiatives; and a series of free events here at our home at The Garrett Centre – Live Art on the page, the stage and the screen.