Primary Sources on the International Performing Arts

LADA holds the complete collection, issues 1 to 8, of Primary Sources (1979 – 1981).

Edited by Roger Ely, the magazine was one of the first to profile interdisciplinary performance practices and was the precursor of Performance Magazine.

Highlights include: Kenneth Williams interview, Jimi Hendrix Festival (Paradiso Amsterdam), Jail Warehouse, Whirled Music, Captain Beefheart, Semza Pozcu, Rose Garrard, Monty Python, Anemic Cinema, Eadward Muybridge, Gilbert & George, Geneis P. Orridge, Suburban Relapse, Joseph Beuys in conversation with Rob Con, Mark Pauline, Adrian Henri, Jeff Nuttall, the I.O.U.Theatre, Jazz in Scandinavia, and much more.

This collection can be viewed in the Live Art Development Agency Study Room located in London, UK.