Southeast Asia Performance Collection

Donated to LADA by Something Human, the Southeast Asia Performance Collection invites researchers, artists, and arts professionals to further explore contemporary Southeast Asian live and performance art practices.

The collection gathers both digital and physical resources on a diverse range of artists living and working in different contexts of socio-political sites, generational experience and art education, spanning from the younger experimental live art scenes of Battambang or Hanoi, to established diaspora artists, and internationally renown practitioners such as Lee Wen.

The collection will be accompanied by a Study Room Guide with original interviews with artists, artists’ profiles, and a suggested bibliography to provide an initial pathway to navigate the materials and explore the arts practices of this incredibly rich and complex region.

The Southeast Asia Performance Collection is an open invitation for further contributions to this ongoing research in order to keep expanding and building a polyphonic archive that maintains the non-linear, fragmented and contested nature of this initial collection, while investigating the very paradigms of Southeast Asia and live art.

The collection was launched at MAP 3: Archiving ‘Asia’ in 2017, a two day event comprising of talks, performances and workshops at The Garrett Centre


The Southeast Asia Performance Collection at the Live Art Development Agency is initiated by Something Human in collaboration with Batubalani, Java Arts, Independent Archive Singapore with the support of Arts Council England, ACE - Artists International Development Fund, and National Arts Council Singapore.

Many thanks to Dia Projects, New Space Arts Foundation, Nha San Collective, Phare Selpak Ponleu, Sasa Art Projects, Sangker Battambang, Six Space and Studio Revolt.