A Live Art Gala 2019

A Live Art Gala 2019

A fundraising Gala to celebrate LADA's 20th Anniversary!

This is an almighty, giddy treat of a night. Run Riot

Saturday 26th October 2019
7.30pm to late

St Paul’s Church Hall, Stoke Newington Road, N16 7UY

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  • Your MC:  Travis Alabanza
  • Your Auctioneer: Gary Carter
  • Your Auctioneer’s Assistant: Shorty (Hester Chillingworth)

Live Performances by: Ron Athey, Katy Baird, Rocio Boliver, Tim Bromage, Brian Catling, Oozing Gloop, Nando Messias, Jade Montserrat, Daniel Oliver, Tammy Reynolds, Victoria Sin and Aaron Williamson.

Silent Auction artworks, objects and experiences from: Katherine Araniello, Oreet Ashery, Franko B, Anne Bean, Season Butler, Shaun Caton, Augusto Corrieri, Robert Daniels, Karen Finley, Hugo Glendinning, Tehching Hsieh, Oleg Kulik, Zoe Laughlin and Selina Thompson. Further images and information on the artworks can be found below.

Please join LADA’s celebrations, enjoy a great night out, and help support one of the world’s leading organisations for Live Art.

All proceeds from the Gala will directly support LADA’s artistic programmes.

"The Live Art Development Agency is invaluable to performance artists because it is creating a historical platform for the medium, and the possibility to see the past, present and future of performance art all at once." Marina Abramovic, artist and LADA Patron


Silent Auction artworks and objects:


Katherine Araniello: Katherine Araniello original Christmas card set

The Araniello Christmas card was an annual last-minute affair of earlier years. Some of these cards were produced for Greenwich Association of Disabled People, others produced for friends and family. In recent times the Christmas card became a video posted on YouTube.

Generously donated for the Gala in Katherine’s memory by her partner Tracey Jannaway.

Katherine Araniello (1965-2019) was a London based performance artist and film maker. LADA worked with Katherine on performances, workshops, and publications including the book and DVD The Dinner Party Revisited in 2015. Katherine was a LADA Board member.

Oreet Ashery: Metal needles from 'Passing through Metal'

A set of two metal needles with pickup mics and a woolly knitted black snake/cable. One of forty sets of needles from Passing through Metal, a collaboration with Lilith Performance Studio in Malmo in 2017 in which forty local knitters and the Doom / Sludge Metal band Pyramido united in an apocalyptic metal poetry performance.

Oreet Ashery is a London based interdisciplinary artist. LADA has worked with Oreet on performances, presentations, workshops, bursaries and films and published the DVD of her Party for Freedom project in 2013.

Franko B:  Untitled

In recent times I find suitcases / bags interesting to work with. In general it’s what we use to carry our things from one place to another, sometime in times of distress. I decided to apply crosses and heart symbols as metaphors for the protection and love that we carry with us and are sometimes looking for as we travel and in our lives.” Franko B

Franko B is a London based artist working in performance, sculpture, drawing and installation. LADA has worked with Franko on performances, bursaries, screenings and publications, and published his memoir Because of Love: Franko B’s Story in 2018.


Gary Carter: From the collection of Mr Pearl

A bustier corset designed and made by Pearl, of laser fabric donated by Christian Lacroix, decorated with sequins, made for the singer Natalie Gamsu. This is a rare item from an exquisite collection of costumes designed and made by the legendary costume and corset maker Mr Pearl for Gary Carter’s 2005 production THE MASQUE OF WATER.

 Gary Carter is an Amsterdam based writer, actor, performance maker and television executive. LADA has worked with Gary Carter on the Arthole Artist’s Award, a new patronage initiative conceived by Joshua Sofaer to plug a hole in art funding. Gary’s son Lucio A C Shala was the first Arthole Patron.


Shaun Caton: Funnel Head Fetish, Preparatory drawing for performance featuring Funnel Head (unframed), and CULT HOUSE II (unframed)

Three pieces by Shaun Caton. Funnel Head Fetish is a vintage dolls head with applied coloured electrical tape and plastic funnel (removable), used in performances from the 1980s to the present day. Shaun believes the concept originated from seeing the horror film Asylum (1972), in which a body is dismembered, wrapped into parcels, then placed in a freezer, only to regenerate when opened. He remembers the wrapped head breathing audibly in the film and decided to incorporate this image into his performances.

Shaun’s signed preparatory crayon on black paper drawing is for a performance featuring Funnel Head Fetish at Arnolfini Bristol in April 2016. CULT HOUSE II (2016) is a 12.3 x 16.5 cm gouache on black paper drawing.

Shaun Caton is a London based performance artist and painter. LADA has worked with Shaun on presentations, screenings and workshops, including the 2015 DIY workshop SHADOW SECT.

Karen Finley: Drawings (unframed)

Two drawings especially created for LADA’s gala. Live Art, ink on St. Armands paper from Montreal (9x20 inches), and Brexit, ink on Strathmore Grey mixed media paper from Neenah, Wisconsin (9x12 inches).

Karen Finley is a New York based performance artist and writer. LADA has worked with Karen on a lecture performance as part of Performing Studies international: Performing Rights in 2006.

Tehching Hsieh: Sketch of a Foot and a Box (2018) (unframed)

Doing art freely, without cutting off toes to fit into any concept.” Tehching Hsieh

Tehching Hsieh is a New York based performance artist. LADA has worked with Tehching on presentations, screenings and publications and published the monograph Out of Now: The Lifeworks of Tehching Hsieh with MIT Press. Tehching is a LADA Patron.


Oleg Kulik: Missionary - photograph and letter (unframed)

A 40 x 56 cm photographic print, Missionary, taken in Peschanaya Street, Moscow in 1995 from the project Art Belongs to People-II. The photograph will be accompanied by a letter from Oleg Kulik to the lucky bidder. This action was dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi, a man who once prayed to the birds, and thus started communication with another biological species at the highest confessional level. Kulik was absolving live carps in ice-cold water for half an hour. After the action the carps were returned to a food store to be sold. Kulik resembled a fish after this action. He panted and could not say a word. Whether or not the carps became ‘more pure’ after the absolution procedure is unclear, and likewise Kulik's religious persuasion.

Oleg Kulik is a Moscow based artist. LADA has worked with Oleg on films and presented Armadillo for your Show as the opening performance of our Live Culture programme at Tate Modern in 2003.

Selina Thompson: Race Cards – the very first pack

The very first pack of Race Cards was written in 12 hours in Glasgow for Selina’s first ever presentation of the work at Buzzcut in 2015 - this is a chance to own the first script of the first version of the work, of which only one exists in the world. 

Selina Thompson is a Birmingham based artist and performer. LADA has worked with Selina on presentations, publications and residencies, and she is currently LADA Thinker in Residence for Restock, Rethink, Reflect Five: Managing The Radical.

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Date: 26 October 2019 to 27 October 2019

Venue: St Paul’s Church Hall, Stoke Newington Road, N16 7UY

Tickets: This is a fundraising event for LADA + Live Art, tickets are tiered at £20, £30 or £40 - Go for the price that works for you

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