Playing Up Public Play In at Latitude

Follow a random passerby through the forest, dance with animals and search for miracles. 

Blog documenting the event

PLAYING UP is an intergenerational artwork exploring different ways of looking at the world. Based on Live Art themes and famous works, it takes the form of a game that kids and adults play together. Invent your own piece of Live Art and perform it.

Kids are explorers of the everyday. For them to light a match can be something extraordinary that needs focus and time and creates an experience. The same is true for everyone who practices Live Art.

LADA hosted a special Latitude public play-in of PLAYING UP on the Saturday of the Latitude Festival in the Live Art House from 11-1pm.

Kids, adults, families and friends are equally welcome! You can come as a team or on your own. Follow the instructions, invent your own piece of Live Art, and perform it at Latitude! 

Recommended for kids aged 6 years and up.

PLAYING UP offers the tools to take risks, wrest back agency and question power relationships. All while having fun and making art.” The Guardian

"I didn’t know playing a game could be art" - Oshin Biswas (age 10)

"...the most interesting family game I've played for a long time!" - Gini Simpson (parent and producer)

PLAYING UP has been conceived and written by Sibylle Peters and is a collaboration between Live Art Development Agency (LADA), Theatre of Research (Germany), and Tate Early Years and Family Programme.

Date: 16 July 2016

Time: 11:00 - 13:00

Venue: Live Art House,

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